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Buzzoodle Ron

You made me laugh out loud for a long time.

I will cream Seth. Amoung other great things about Ohio, this is the home of Football.

Dave L

I have this mental picture of a green helmet with the hive in yellow. It embodies everything I loved about the old USFL.

Buzzoodle Ron

If you can help with the financing, maybe we can get an Akron expansion team.

The Akron Buzzoodlers

What would be a good name for Seth's expansion team?

Dave L

That’s an easy one:

The Purple Cows

E-mail Seth a link and see what he thinks.

David Every

As another Akron resident, I tend to think of this area as preparing itself for a bit of a rebirth. One of the interesting things is the history of Cleveland and Akron was that the cities both changed their identities a few times in the past. Akron was rubber, before that Porcelain and Marbles. I have little doubt the city will redefine itself; just like Chicago or Pitt or many other cities that have struggled and floundered, and then recovered. Not to mention its contributions to Music like the Pretenders or DEVO. ;-) So I think the prediction of it's death is highly exaggerated.

Dave L

It looks like we’ve got another guy with the yellow beehive on his helmet.

Anita Campbell

OK, I'll volunteer to be cheerleader for the Buzzodlers.

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