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David Every

Interesting article. I'm amazed that executives don't understand how powerful the back-channel is, as many businesses biggest successes can be tracked to it.

One of the strongest examples I've heard of is when Mary Gates (Bill Gates Mom), and John R. Opel were on the United Way board together. They got to talking, and Mary plugged her sons fledgling and floundering software company then Micro-Soft. When John Opel told his Boca Raton Personal Computer group to "check out what Mary's Boy Bill is doing up in Redmond", few realized it would lead to the creation or at least fertilizing of the largest software corporation in the world.


Dave Lorenzo


The Gates story is interesting. I have not heard that before. Thanks for the example.

Dave Lorenzo

Ron McDaniel

Another interesting thing to consider in many businesses is the network of your happy clients. Treat each new customer like they are worth ten and over the course of your relationship you will find that it is a source of additional referrals and contacts.

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