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Tom Guarriello

Great story, David. Exactly the kind of thing I was thinking about. Thanks for the link.

David Every

As the blog said, in psychology, it is called "fake it until you make it". When I was in my early 20's, I caught a weird virus that messed with a few things, including my brain chemistry, and I became agoraphobic. The key to beating it, was the same as the article mentions. I acted as if I didn't have it, or saw myself not leaving or going further from home, even-though the "fight or flight" mechanism was broken, and I was getting massive panic attacks. As you know, I went to Pace a few hundred miles from home, went to Europe, and am going to Hawaii this weekend, and travel for business all the time. The act of doing anyway, meant succeeding in spite of obstacles -- and that applies both in business and in personal life. Keep acting "as if", and you can become the reality that you create.

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