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David Every

The thing I dislike about chartmen, is they see in the data what they want to -- they from that they divine meaning. For example, if you look at the chart and filter down for the correction in the 30's, you have 33 years of growth, instead of 11, and if you look at the 1900 - 1930 trend, it was also softly up. So really, he's basing his whole assumption (that bear markets last a long time) on ONE 17 year flat spot in the last 100 years? How does he know that wasn't the outlier, they trend is normally upwards, and the current flat blip is no different than a dozen others you can see in the chart? We have positive economic indicators, low interest rates, high housing rates, and are more competitive (lean) than Europe, and many emerging markets -- doesn't seem like that means some big bear market to me.

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