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Adrian Savage

Interesting post, Dave.

I'm wondering about the whole time issue. How much time does it take to think? Thoughts are so fast they're sometimes nearly instantaneous, so I don't believe we are ever truly short of thinking time. Research is different, if it means collecting facts or chasing down data. Still, sometimes the best "research" is to look logically at the situation and think it through. That's back to thought, which take little time at all. All those facts we collect sometimes obscure the real issue.

I wonder whether we resort to experience (which typically means doing what we've always done, or taking a solution off someone else's shelf) too quickly? Perhaps the real problem is we lack faith in our reasoning powers.

Having too long can be more of an issue, since it encourages us to put things off until the last moment. Then we create a shortage of time that wasn't there before.

Odd, isn't it?

Dave L

Thanks for the comment, Adrian.

You have provided us with some great insight. I think far too often we rely on experience to serve as the complete solution versus allowing experience to inform the solution.

It appears as though thinking – true deep thinking is a lost art.

Incidentally, today’s post is on experience.

Thanks for reading!



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