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Adrian Savage

This is a wise post. Thanks, Dave, for your insight.

I'd like to suggest a fourth requirement: time.

It takes time to think something through and remove all the unnecessary elements. When people do things in a rush, they often combine superficiality with complexity, mostly because they haven't allowed themselves enough time to delve deeply and sort what matters from what doesn't.

It takes longer to be simpler.


Dave L


You’ve hit on a couple of great points:

1. It does take longer to make things simple. I agree. That time is productively spent as we are focused on the things that truly matter.

2. Prioritization is critical. In simplifying things we must be highly self-aware. We need to understand what is important and what we can do to make certain we give important items the time and energy they deserve.

Thanks for your thoughts and thanks again for reading.


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