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I only thought I had some great ( lack of ) customer service stories on my blog.

You win this one easily. Hands down. No contest.

Sorry I wasn't better competition....


Two thoughts: First, not cool to put his personal email out there. Work=okay, but not personal (even though he used it to send you a note). Everybody deserves a break from the email harvesters.

Second, I just got done with my own bad 6A experience last week and had your posts ringing in my head the whole time. I'm still contemplating blogging the whole thing, it was so ridiculous. The gist is this: I followed their instructions to the letter. This ended up causing links to my url to stop working for several days. Not good.

Dave L


You're right about the e-mail addresses. I removed them all after you commented. I had completely forgotten that he had used a different e-mail.



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